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Captain America

Captain America

Can't get any more red, white, and blue

Summary: The origin of patriotic Captain America, and how he saves the world from Nazis. (14)

Review: A good origin story; wonderful acting; comedy, drama, and action all blended well. (13)


Yes, I did watch a Miley Cyrus movie.

The Last Song

Ah... no.

Summary: City girl meets “Southern” rich boy. Falls in love. Sad twist. (11)

Review: Have you seen a Nicolas Sparks movie/ read his books? It’s typical like that. (14)

Other Notes: There’s a book, and I did read it. It’s about the same. (12)

How Two-Faced Women Are

Bad Teacher

My hero

Summary: Cameron Diaz as a teacher who wants to date Justin Timberlake because he’s rich. (14)

Review: Very funny! Somethings now fully wrapped up or explained, but it’s what was expected. (14)

Obnoxious People with Obnoxious Bosses

Horrible Bosses

Interesting at best...

Summary: Three (very stupid) friends plan to kill their bosses. (9)

Review: Great cast, but definitely lacking. Trailer pretty much showed all the funny parts. (13)

It All Ends, Physically, but Not in Our Minds or Hearts.

Harry Potter 7, Part 2.

Thank god, I'm not camping in this movie!

Summary: Harry Potter and friends fight Voldemort and Death Eaters. (9)

Review: Fantastic ending to the series! Better than Harry Goes Camping! Ginny’s epilogue make-up horrible.  (14)

Other Notes: Been waiting for this forever! Now waiting for the complete Harry Potter DVD set. 🙂 (14)