Obnoxious People with Obnoxious Bosses

Horrible Bosses

Interesting at best...

Summary: Three (very stupid) friends plan to kill their bosses. (9)

Review: Great cast, but definitely lacking. Trailer pretty much showed all the funny parts. (13)


Humor with a Bit of Spy

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. House)

Who knew House could write?

Summary: Ex-army gets mistaken as a contract killer, ends up caught up in government conspiracy. (14)

Review: Surprisingly witty, quick read, lackey and henchmen interactions with main character are hilarious! (13)

It All Ends, Physically, but Not in Our Minds or Hearts.

Harry Potter 7, Part 2.

Thank god, I'm not camping in this movie!

Summary: Harry Potter and friends fight Voldemort and Death Eaters. (9)

Review: Fantastic ending to the series! Better than Harry Goes Camping! Ginny’s epilogue make-up horrible.  (14)

Other Notes: Been waiting for this forever! Now waiting for the complete Harry Potter DVD set. 🙂 (14)

The First!

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks.

Cover looks way cooler than actual book.

Summary: Poor kid grows up to be an assassin. Includes magic, romance, and prostitution. (13)

Review: Horrible romance; action scenes better; young adult writing; most female characters are really annoying. (14)

Other Notes: This is the first of a trilogy, probably won’t be reading the rest. (13)

(14 words is very difficult to do!)

Make it Short!

Hello, Internet. Hello, Blog Readers.

If you can gather from the title, this blog will be book and movie reviews in 14 words or less. Why 14? Well, according to here and here, the average English sentence is 14 words and 14 word sentences are “fairly easy” to read. 17 words? That’s just “standard.” 11 words? “Easy.”

Still, why 14 words? It’s a challenge to get a point across in such little words, and you can never get a good idea of things without many details. This way, hopefully, it will be blunt and straight to the point.

I’m thinking the format will be:
Other Notes

And each of those will be 14 words or less.

So, to begin, 14 words or less about myself (And try not to make it sound like a personal ad):
Dense, sleepy, grad student, who enjoys killing time outside the lab with various activities. (14)